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Detailed aim of the Global Chess Festival

  • Establishing a regular world chess day for participants from different countries joining the Global Chess Festival may interact during collective chess activities. The global events will be coordinated through the web interface of the festival.
  • Introducing diversity of chess from the perspective of education, art, science and sport.
  • Overall promotion of chess, as a unique universal and inclusive tool that can be played regardless of language.
  • Encouraging families to have fun with chess as an amusing activity for all generations.
  • Endorsing chess, as an exceptionally efficient educational tool in the digital age.
  • Raising awareness for the Chess Palace Educational Program; by using this tool, children’s school results and learning efficiency are significantly improving. The program develops children’s creativity, holistic, visual thinking, memory, concentration and logical thinking.
  • Emphasizing importance of talent support, focusing with special emphasis on children living with disabilities, or living in particularly difficult socio-economic circumstances.