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Aquaprofit - Polgár Chess Day 2009

Chess Day Traditions with the Polgar Sisters

The third Aquaprofit Polgar Chess Day was held November 13, 2009, at a new venue chosen to accommodate the growing interest in this increasingly popular event. With its unique atmosphere, the spacious, futuristic atrium of the headquarters of Hungarian Telecom (Magyar Telecom) made room for even more chess enthusiasts.

The world famous, Olympic champion Polgar sisters appear together in public only once a year, at the Aquaprofit event, which features a simultaneous competition involving 100 chessboards.

Since the number of would-be players was much higher, applicants had to first solve a chess problem to be eligible to compete. As in previous years, artists, athletes, actors, promising young players and professional chess players were among the competitors.

This year’s Chess Day began with the First Aquaprofit-Polgar Junior Chess Tournament for children. Following this, Hungarian actors Peter Vallai and Tamas Jordan performed a chess comedy skit. Other events included many rapid chess games, joined by Richard Rapport as well as the Polgar sisters.

The day before the event, the president of the Aquaprofit NTSK Chess Club (of Nagykanizsa, Hungary), with event sponsor Aquaprofit Zrt., announced that world chess champion Viswanathan Anand would be joining Judit Polgar as a member of the team.

As in previous years, Judit Polgar took on a VIP team in a game of „blind” chess. The VIP team collaborated in deciding upon the moves, while Judit played against them – blindfolded.

„It’s very important to me to see this wonderful game become more popular; our Chess Day should let as many people as possible personally experience the world of chess,” said Judit Polgar. Chess Day events concluded with a raffle and film clips. As in previous years, admission was free of charge.

13th November 2009.
T-Com Headquarters
Event name:
Aquaprofit - Polgár Chess Day 2009
Krisztina boulevard 55.
Judit Polgár Chess Foundation

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