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Educational Conference 2.

2nd Chess Palace International Educational Conference

Supported by OTP Fay Andras Foundation

Skill Developing Chess in the Hungarian National Curriculum

One of the oldest game in history – The educational tool of the future


Judit Polgar and her team have developed a new and unique educational method. The Educational Chess approach goes beyond the usual boundaries of teaching chess. Starting from 2013, Skill Developing Chess is officially part of the National Curriculum in Hungary. Chess Palace is a learning tool for children born into digital society, as they gain most of their information of life through the Internet. It helps to organize and structure the huge amount of information children come across in their everyday life. The programme already used in nearly 100 schools and there is a growing interest worldwide.

Presentations at the conference will include the topic of the digital age, how the Chess Palace program helps in every aspect the changes in children's thinking in these challenging times; about a highly successful Swedish chess teaching program; concerning teaching opportunities in the digital age and the potential of the most complex strategic board game; integration of the Chess Palace program in public education and in the general school curriculum; social Impacts of chess in Spain