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Chess Palace promenade

The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation has developed a new and unique educational method. Rather than teaching chess as a sport and game the traditional way, the Educational Chess approach goes beyond the usual boundaries of teaching chess. Starting from 2013, Skill Developing Chess is officially part of the National Curriculum in Hungary.

One of the main attractions of the 2014 festival was the building of the several feet high 3D Chess Palace, where the story of the friendly chess characters was unfolded. This year again, the kings, queens and the other chess pieces came to life through stories, music and lots of educational events. Interactive stations of the Chess Palace Promenade offered families various creative and enriching activities. The continuous programmes of Judit Polgar's educational chess included playing chess games, contests and Chess Palace Arts and Crafts, such as preparing the royal crowns, flags, window decorations and much more. Children could collect colourful chess-money that could be converted into gifts in the Chess Palace Shop during the festival.