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Four super grandmasters competed in the winner takes it all KO event, supported by the Hungarian Chess Federation. Hungary's young talent, 16 years old Benjamin Gledura knocked out World Champion Anatoly Karpov in the semi-final. The 20.000 Dollar check was won by World Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov by winning the play off against Gledura in the final.
The participants: Anatoly Karpov FIDE ex world champion, Rustam Kasimdzhanov KO world champion, Csaba Balogh Olympiad silver medalist and Gledura Benjamin European junior champion.

Highlander Cup Format

Date: 17th of October

Playing Venue: Budapest Palace Garden

Prize: 20,000 US Dollars

The event is called the Highlander Cup as the winner takes it alll apx. 20.000 US Dollars!

Format :

Knock-Out event with 4 players: Anatoly Karpov, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Csaba Balogh and Benjamin Gledura.

Semi final Pairing: 

Gledura  - Karpov   &    Kasimdzhanov – Balogh


Semi final 2 games of 15+5 bonus seconds/move, in case of 1-1, 2 blitz games alternating colors 3+2 in case of 1-1 then Armageddon 5-4 (white has 5 minutes black has 4 ) and in case of a draw black qualifyes to the final.

Final: Same time control  2 games 15+5, 3+2 and 5-4.                                   

opening ceremony and press: 13.40

Game 1 , 14.00 Semi Finals : Gledura - Karpov and Kasimdzhanov – Balogh 

Other games planned the following time schedule:

Game 2 ,  14.50,  possibly  playoff    15.40

Final game 1: 16.30

        game 2: 17.20

Playoff:   18.10

Between  games there will be minimum of 5 minutes break.

Closing Ceremony will be right after the last game finished on stage.