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10 : 00 - 17 : 00

All day entertainment programs awaited visitors at the stage of the Global Chess Festival. 

Chess Palace Reference Schools Presentations


Szamos Marzipan - presentation exhibit  


Tuzfeszek Company - Juggler exhibit       


Conversation with greatest female chess player of all time Judit Polgar     


Andras Hajos Interactive Exhibit with Children    

A True Chess Family: Introducing the Karacsonyi Siblings


Talking and learning together with Sophia Polgar


Stage Play with Zsolt Komar


Join the cake and take photos with Judit and Sophia Polgar



Panorama Room

10 : 00 - 17 : 00
Chess Palace Cup – Morning and Afternoon

The traditional children tournament offers primary school participants challenges in two categories: competition license holders and amateur players. A lot of excitement awaits you after registering for the five round tournament of 10-10 minutes games.



Conference Room

10 : 00 - 12 : 30
Educational Conference

At the International Educational Chess Conference interested observers can see lectures about modern education and educational chess. Practical demonstrations convince participants about the effects of skill building chess, especially in writing and calculation. Conference presentations emphasize the specific needs of the digital age, underlining the fact that chess with its universal nature contributes to the tolerance and respect for cultural diversity, promoting peace between people.


14 : 00 - 18 : 30
Four super grandmasters competed in the winner takes it all KO event, supported by the Hungarian Chess Federation. Hungary's young talent, 16 years old Benjamin Gledura knocked out World Champion Anatoly Karpov in the semi-final. The 20.000 Dollar check was won by World Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov by winning the play off against Gledura in the final.




The participants: Anatoly Karpov FIDE ex world champion, Rustam Kasimdzhanov KO world champion, Csaba Balogh Olympiad silver medalist and Gledura Benjamin European junior champion.


Entrance Hall

10 : 00 - 17 : 00
Three Simultaneous Exhibitions During the Day

A unique joint simultaneous exhibition by 8 year-old Kata Karacsonyi and 87 year-old Guinness recorder Brigitta Sinka, to prove that chess is really ageless.


Sophia Polgar and by the end of the day, Judit Polgar also waited for the challengers.




10 : 00 - 17 : 00
Chess Stairs Contest

The Chess Stairs Contest with Zsolt Komár was a great succes.


10 : 00 - 17 : 00
Arts and Crafts

Through the years there is growing success of the chess related arts and crafts activities, where you can paint, draw, color, cut and paste. The skill building activities were supported by Poli-Farbe, Szamos Marcipán and Happy Kids International Kindergarten and Nursery.



11 : 00 - 13 : 00
Generations Clash

A tournament where families played together. Child-parent-grandparent in joint efforts, one chess board and a lot of fun! A real family chess battle.




17 : 00 - 18 : 00
HUN-USA Chess Match

Sponsored by Chess.com 


Four Hungarian young talents; Zsóka Gaál, Kata and Gellért Karácsonyi, Alex Krstulovic competed online with four youth talents: Raphael Manaham, Robert Shlyakhtenko, Gabriel Eidelmen, Anthony Ge from the USA. This traditional event was transmitted online by Chess.com bringing the games to thousands of spectators live.



Chess Palace Room

10 : 00 - 17 : 00
Chess Palace Shop

Chess money collected at the various Chess Palace stations redeemed for valuable gifts. 




10 : 00 - 17 : 00
Chess Palace Promenade

King Crucifer, Queen Quenessa, Sturdy Rook, Speedy Bishop, Jumpy Knight and Tiny Pawn were waiting for children at six posts. By completing the playful tasks kids earned chess money and traded it for valuable gifts.




We reserve the right to change the program