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Global Chess Festival 2015 Szabadka


Chesstivity is a chess knowledge that requires passing an obstacle course by using intelligence, quickness, cunning as well as logic and creativity. All of it with lots of fun including a friendly mood, trendy music and video clips. This all happens within the Global Chess Festival of Chesstivity, and is based on the original idea of Mr. Zsombor Rózsa who created it for the „I am all for chess!” event. There will be 8 competitive settlement representations-groups, with well-known persons from the regions as group leaders. The host of the program is Mr. Gábor Agárdi , Pannon RTV reporter and Fishee. Participants are: Heni Dér—singer, Borisz Kucsov—actor, Renato Miskolci—profesional rollerblader, Monika Csik—poet, Árpád Kecskeméti—chess-player, Blanka Cvijin—model, Árpád Bakos— ethno musician and Krisztina Vágó radio host.

17. 10. 2015.
Subotica, Palic
Event name:
Global Chess Festival 2015 Szabadka
Palic, Miroslav Antic Elementary School, Serbia
Aragóniai Beatrix Sakk Klub

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